And we’re back!

I finally got my laptop back and so far so good (yes, I’m hoping to jinx it, haha!)

Let’s catch up….

Benjamin is a beast, eating everything in sight. His wheat issue seems to be doing better. He still gets a bit of a rash but NOTHING like it used to be – it would be so awesome to have that clear up!!

Keaton doesn’t want to eat anything – welcome to picky toddlerhood ;-) It started when he got sick, he didn’t want to eat and then escalated from there, but he has eaten pretty well this weekend, we’ll see what the week brings.

My laptop came back, I’m having to run Linux on it, but I don’t really care at this point…I have my laptop back. Sigh. :)

Outside lights are up.

Bama won.

I’ve been sewing (orders and gifts) like crazy.

Zach’s parents were in town this weekend. Bebe comes next weekend.

And that about wraps it up. Not too much exciting :)

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