*This weekend our church celebrated it’s 20th anniversary! We spent Sunday morning at a new park in the area, everyone spread out on blankets, our incredible worship team leading us in worship, food, fellowship and fun. It was great. The boys did great considering B took no nap and K was antsy as all get out. Of course, everyone elses’ kiddos were fussy too, so it didn’t really matter if our boys were as well :-D

*B officially says, “done” when he’s done eating. He hasn’t picked up on much sign language like Keaton did, I still sign with him as much as possible, but, no signs in return, but he’s much more vocal than Keaton was (which I’d rather have! haha)

*He’s doing pretty well at picking up his magnets on his own (he even found one in the hallway today and ‘ran’ it to the front door!…knocked down 5 others trying to put up 1, BUT!) :) Still a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth, but we’re getting there ;-)

*2 episodes. What? If you’ve known Zach & I for any amount of time, you know that we’ve been working through the TV series, Alias, for about 4 years now! (It’s been off the air for how many?! haha!) We are down to TWO MORE EPISODES!!!!!! I’m so excited. We started 24 (either when Keaton was born or right before he was born…I can’t remember), but we stopped because 1- it was consuming entire weekends (I’m talking 6-8 episodes a weekend…not good!) and 2- we HAD to finish Alias first. Well…we are so.close! We’ll be done by this weekend! (but we do not get to watch another episode til Wednesday night, so don’t ruin it for me!)

*Today, we were building a tower with the Mega Bloks (of course) and Keaton pulled two apart. Stared intently and said, “Hmmm, interesting.” HA! I don’t know where he got it but it was hysterical.

Happy Monday!

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