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Online Scentsy Party!

*I emailed this to friends and family last week. If you’ve never tried Scentsy, now’s a great chance to do that. And if you have, well, now’s a chance to stock up on those delicious scents!!

I am doing an online party for Scentsy – if you haven’t smelled their fragrances, you are missing out! I honestly had not until last week and I am in love! We have a sugar cookie hanging freshener in our van and it smells so delicious! The whole way to church, Benjamin was screaming, “I want to eat that!!!!” (and it’s really a shame that we can’t, it smells THAT good!) We also have a Camu Camu travel tin in our living room – it is so fresh smelling!

I have my eye on the Cherry Blossom warmer! The neat thing about the warmers is that they use a light bulb to heat the wax, which melts – no flames or soot – GREAT for those with small children and/or pets! Once you have a warmer (either full-size or mid-size), you can use any of the wax scents (bars or 1lb bricks!) in it (instructions for warmers are found here).

Some neat things to keep in mind:
*Just for July 2010, “Bring Back My Bar“! If you have used Scentsy before and had a favorite fragrance they discontinued, 20 fragrances are returning and now is your chance to stock up!
*Combine and Save options – Buy more and SAVE! (Think Christmas and birthday gifts!)
*Here is the June Monthly Special (July will be listed soon!)

To order, please go HERE and make sure to click on “Select Market” in the top right hand corner (change from Canada to USA, assuming you are in the US). Browse around (you can see an online catalog HERE). Under “My Open Parties” (on the left hand side) click onĀ  “Buy From Party” next to my name (Terra Jones). The show will be open through July 21st. (Please make sure to click on Buy From Party before placing an order – that is the only way I will get credit! THANK YOU!)

Thank you for taking the time to browse her catalog! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Our mini-World Cup champion ;-)

Keaton had his last soccer class this morning! At first I was hating that he wouldn’t be able to participate again at this point in time, but it works out with us being gone on vacation and getting ready for baby, but I really hope we can get him in class again! He absolutely LOVED it!

Not only him, but Benjamin is quite the soccer star himself! He loved running around the soccer field with Keaton before classes and playing here at home!

At the end of each soccer session, they give out little medals to the children involved – Keaton is SO proud of his medal (he just has no idea he won’t be returning for awhile!) Keaton’s soccer class and his coaches (about 12 kids started in the class…not sure where they were for the past month!) ;-)

Keaton showing off his medal :) (I wanted him to bite it like the Olympians do, but alas) ;-)

Updates all around!

Well, I’ll start with me, ha.

I’m officially 29 weeks….TWENTY. NINE. WEEKS. agh. ::insert panic attack here:: At this point, while pregnant with Benjamin, we were packing our apartment to move….at this point with Keaton, we were interviewing with a church about an hour away. Thankfully, this time, we’ve confined ourselves to our home and have chosen to spend an insane amount of money buying a new vacuum, a new washer and new cell phones ;-) We’re pretty much ready for baby. We had to buy a new swing (Benjamin broke the one we used with him!) more newborn/small cloth diapers (I had about 1/2 days’ worth – a friend gave us a HUGE deal on her newborn stash and that will arrive this weekend!) The nursery is set up (except I have to undo the crib so Zach can move it back up to the highest setting…kind of forgot about that when I was setting it all up!) ;-) We need to find a dresser of sorts for Keaton’s clothes so the baby can have the bookcase/basket set up & changing table shelves, but really, we’re pretty much ready (save packing a bag…which I refuse to do in labor again, so I’ll probably do that in a month…or so…eh, or while I’m in labor!) We have a fantastically, awesome boy name, but can’t seem to come up with a girl name. I’m at the point where I just don’t want to think about it anymore…which makes me think about it more ;-) Don’t forget to put in your guess!

Zach is getting ready to take a week off from work for vacation. Normally, we go to the beach with his family, but they decided to forgo that this year (ok, while I hate missing the beach, I’m not missing the stress of that! By the time I finally got around to relaxing, it was time to pack up and come home!) We will be heading to his parents house/pool for about 9 days to enjoy a small ‘break’ before baby arrives.

Keaton is crazy as ever :) He has always been very creative (seeing things a little differently than us) but lately, the creativity is taking off (ie: looking at books and remembering story lines/making up his own, playing with his farm animals and making up stories) So fun! And entertaining!

Benjamin, while he has always been a snuggler, has only recently gotten into sitting while I read to him. He has always been perfectly just flipping through and looking at the pictures, but now, if I don’t read well, that leads to a nice little tantrum, which he has perfected :)

I still laugh every time because we thought Keaton had a temper. Whew. Benjamin can show him up any day! Thankfully, Benjamin’s tantrums are usually confined to the house or car, whereas Keaton had no problem melting down in the dr’s office or store.

The new room situation is going SO well! Keaton thinks that once it is quiet, it’s time for him to come out, but, if that happens, all I have to do is point to his room and he takes off running back to bed ;-) It’s also been nice in that Benjamin wakes up earlier from his nap, but Keaton still needs that extra sleep, and this affords him that; whereas in the mornings, Benjamin sleeps longer, and Keaton is the early bird. So, it all works out.

I’m starting my list of meals I want to make and freeze before baby arrives – more breakfast/snack things than anything else. After being up nursing all night, fixing something good to eat for breakfast isn’t top priority ;-) Maybe we’ll get lucky with another sleep-through-the-night-at-six-weeks Baby, ha. So far, I don’t think this baby has stopped moving since I first felt it move, so I’m not holding my breath for that one!

And a memorable conversation from the day:

At lunch, Benjamin put his napkin over his plate (who knows why…?)
Keaton asked him, “Ben, is that a butterfly?”
Benjamin gave him the dirtiest look and said, “NO, Keaton, is a plate an a na’kin!”


The chaos before the party…

As I promised, I would share all the chaos that led up to Zach’s party!

Well, normally, when family comes into town, we head out to eat that Friday night, especially when it’s someones birthday. However, I wanted a low-key gathering since his best friend was going to be here, as well as sick kids and two pregnant mamas. So, my we thought and thought and thought and came up with GOOD BBQ from VA and some sides (and an ice cream cake!) Usually, we just meet somewhere, as Zach gets off work at dinner time, but I was afraid I would have to twist his arm to get him to come home…

Since we were going to do a Star Wars party, we of course, needed Star Wars decorations (and here’s where I’m kicking myself because I didn’t take a single picture, but you’ll soon understand how that got forgotten….) My mom and I headed to Party City a few weeks before the party and got a table cloth, a banner, some orange plates, orange plastic ware, some wrapping paper, a ‘special’ Star Wars cup and a Darth Vader Candle. So, we’re checking out and the lady behind us said, “I just bought all the same stuff for my sons’ 8th birthday…” I laughed and said, “Yeh, this is for my husband’s…30th…” I got a weird look… ;-)

We headed to Coldstone to pre-order the cake. I asked if they had any ‘themes’ they could do, like Star Wars (thinking a Darth Vader mask or something). The guy thought for a second and said, “No, but, we could do something…like….write ‘Star Wars’ on the cake…” Really?? You think that’s what I’m looking for? I told him I’d pass, but instead have, “Happy 30th Birthday Zach” written on it…with Orange icing (since there was orange in the decor). “OK, well, we don’t have orange…” Seriously? The guy names off every color imaginable except orange…so we went with red.

Well, we get everything lined up. Everything is going as planned.

I go to wash diapers on Thursday morning so there isn’t a huge pile sitting in the bathroom. As I wait for the cycle to click over…



I wait.

For a long. Long. Time.


So, I try to make it switch cycles myself.


I have a washer filled with dirty diapers that won’t drain.


So I leave it alone for awhile (because that will totally work!) and try again. Nothing.

So, Thursday night (the night before EVERYone is scheduled to arrive), Zach oh-so-humbly gets all the nasty water out of the washer and takes the diapers and puts them in the bathtub in the boys’ bathroom to soak. He attempts to fix the washer, but nothing is working. For the record, this was the 3rd washer we’d been through in 5 years and they were all used. I was honestly at the point of holding my breath anytime I did laundry in fear of it not working properly.

So, at this point, I’m too tired/frustrated/stressed (remember, he has NO idea that anyone other than his parents/sister & her family will be here Friday when he gets home from work!) to figure out what to do so we don’t discuss it anymore that evening.

In the morning, we decided that we would search for a reliable, inexpensive new washer (We JUST bought a vacuum the previous Monday, and so I was sick and tired of reading/deciphering reviews of appliances!) so, since this needed to be taken care of ASAP, at 630am, Friday morning, I get to work researching prices, brands, options, delivery fees, etc…All while my mom is driving down to get here before lunch so we can go get the cake…

I finally decide on what I want.

Then Zach texts me and says something along the lines of, “A friend at work knows a repairman….maybe we can get him to come out this afternoon – my parents will be there to help you with the boys…”

Um. Not so much –!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I go to wrap Zach’s birthday gift – two tiny tickets in a HUGE box…

And the wrapping paper is….


I triple check the other items we bought JUST to make sure it’s all Star Wars. We’re good. But then I realize that the ‘paper products’ are all orange…the cake will have red icing. Who cares? I do. So I throw it all back in the bag to exchange.

My mom arrives and we head out. I decide to run into Lowe’s and Home Depot to see if they have anything on clearance, but no such luck.

We grab lunch for the boys, I run into Party City, but I have to have the card for the items and my mom had graciously purchased them – so I waddle back out, tell her EXACTLY what I need and she goes in for me. We run to Coldstone and grab the cake…No mistakes, just a delish looking cake!

All during this, Zach thinks I’m at home, slaving over lunch for the boys and trying to get them down for naps…And all the while, via text we’re playing virtual tug of war: Repairman VS. New Washer.

I convinced him the new washer was the best idea, although, he wants to pick it up and NOT have it delivered on Sunday (fine by me…but YOUR PARTY!!!!) He’s talking about paying friends to swap vehicles and then says, “Maybe my dad can meet me at Sears with the van…” ok, just a bit more stress, but we can make this work…

So, I order the washer.

His best friend arrives…

And we wait.

I talk to his parents and they are fine with him going to meet Zach. So at the appropriate time, he leaves for Sears to meet him. I get a frantic phone call saying, “The washer is loaded, and Zach’s not here…wait, he’s pulling up, what do I do???” I told him to have Zach check it out and make sure it looked ok, ask him a couple questions…just delay him, as my mom had run out to grab the sides…

I get another call a couple minutes later, “We’re on our way home!” ooooook!!!! AGH!

Approximately 30 minutes later they arrive, I peeked into the garage and Zach’s all like, “Let’s hook this up and wash some clothes!!!!” I had to persuade him to come eat first since we had hungry, pregnant mamas and starving kids! He was READY to get to work on that thing! (Very anti-climatic to have a BRAND NEW WASHER and not use it — for both of us!)

He walks in and laughs so hard when he realizes it’s his party. His best friend comes walking in the kitchen and I think Zach did a triple check before realizing he was there!

Then I collapsed in a chair…and stayed there…

…and didn’t take a single picture ;-)


Zach’s 30 Birthday (aka: The weekend I got him good!)

My original plan was to go all “over the hill” for Zach’s 30th birthday, just because I could (I often rag him about being older than me for the record, about 18 months older than me, haha). But after some discussion with various people, the plan changed.

I found out that Star Wars in Concert was going to be hitting Raleigh this summer (Zach is a HUGE fan) and so, thus began the spiral of Star Wars madness that has hit our home this weekend! Not only that, his best friend from college worked it out so that he would be in town for this weekend (We hadn’t seen him since a quick overnight stay while passing through town for a friends’ wedding 4 years ago!)

Tomorrow, I’ll share the chaos that ensued leading up to the fun ;-)

But, Zach was totally surprised, not only by the tickets, but seeing Brian standing there – I think he was kind of in shock all weekend, to be perfectly honest :)

The boys loved making a new friend (and completely lost it when Brian returned home to TN this morning!)

Now, onto planning Benjamin’s 2nd birthday parrrrrrrrrrty :-) (just guess!)

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