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The reason for the silence…

So, something is up with this blog – I can’t post without jumping through loopholes. I’m not sure if I was hacked, or installed something wrong, or what…

I miss blogging, but until I get this figured out, the silence continues :(

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May 2013 – graduations!

7.5 years ago, we packed up a moving van, left Roanoke, VA, and moved to Wake Forest, NC to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary so Zach could work towards his M.Div. We didn’t know it would take 7.5 years, but… here were are!

Zach graduated May 17 with his M.Div! I think the smiles say it all!

Shaking the President’s hand, it’s official!

ALL smiles!

We’re missing a few faces in this picture because at the same time, Benjamin was graduating from preschool!

Bebe was there with him and Keaton celebrating THAT momentous occasion! (Even though his official last day was May 22nd)

On Saturday, we had a party with a bunch of friends to celebrate this exciting time!

And then on Sunday, we were commissioned with about 22 others who will be led by the men on either side of Zach in the above picture as part of Exchange Church, one of two local plants being sent out by our ‘home church’.

A busy, emotional few days to say the least!

4/12/13 – Keaton, #2

Keaton was so excited to lose Tooth #2 on April 12! However the only proof we had was a gaping hole in his mouth! He tooth came out at school, but he had/has no idea when or where! His teacher didn’t even know until I contacted her about it. Crazy! He was even more excited to receive a “Loose Tooth Award” the next school day (a certificate for losing your tooth at school).

He has a couple more that are starting to get loose, but nothing like those flopping around in his mouth a couple of months ago!

I apologize for not having a picture right here of ‘the hole in his mouth’, but wordpress is being dumb. If you haven’t seen the ‘hole’ in person, feel free to click here.


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1/22/2013 – Keaton, #1

While it wasn’t the tooth we were watching, this sweet boy lost his first tooth! About a week ago, he showed me that his 2nd loose tooth (that we’d been watching for awhile) was “really loose”…

About two days later, it was grossly loose…

Over the weekend, it was flopping around when he talked…

On Tuesday when I picked him up from school, it looked like he was missing a tooth! No, it was just laying FLAT in his mouth.

A sweet friend brought us chili for dinner, so I gave him some extra chips. I turned around to wash up some dishes, and I hear the most calm voice, “Hey mommy…” I turned back around to see him holding something in his hand…

Wow! SO crazy! I still haven’t gotten used to that gaping hole in his smile!

Thanksgiving 2012

Our Thanksgiving week started with a Thankful Feast at Benjamin’s preschool. We were each asked to pay a small fee per family, and bring a side dish or dessert. Four of the classes gathered on Monday morning for an early lunch – an entire Thanksgiving spread – Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberries in various forms, potatoes, bread, corn, pasta salad, and desserts like crazy…

The boys and I found Benjamin’s place setting and got ready…

Below is a turkey he made in class -

Benjamin’s class got to choose whether they wanted to be Pilgrims or Indians, and Benjamin choose a Pilgrim (although, he originally told me he was going to be a PENGUIN…Getting ready for the Christmas play? haha)

Here’s my big Pilgrim!

And if you click below, you can watch their performance ;)

On Thursday, we gathered with some friends from church (OK, about 30 people total), and had a delicious Thanksgiving spread. I’m not a huge fan of the traditional Thanksgiving meal – I like Turkey…on a sub sandwich ;) But, our hosts, did something to this turkey…it was amazing…I had seconds…I’ve never had seconds of turkey ;) We do up Thanksgiving potluck style, and our hosts provide the turkey and ham, along with mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and drinks…we brought from-scratch sweet potato casserole, some mac & cheese, there were homemade rolls, some pineapple cheese casserole thing that was AWEsome, I’m sure I’m forgetting more delicious food…and pies and delicious desserts galore…

Then, we ended the evening with a bonfire (but left a little early).

We are definitely ready for the end of this Seminary time, and for whatever may be next, but, I will definitely miss out on that sweet time of fellowship every Thanksgiving!

Three days later, we’re still chowing on that Sweet potato casserole and Mac & cheese…yum yum!!!!

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